Friday, December 31, 2010


last day of 2010
next year is going to fill with more surprises
can hardly wait.
on this last day of 2010,
I celebrated my cousin, Amalina's birthday
the best part is...
Hakim gave me a big bar of chocolate!
I thought he was just going to give me some Kit-Kat
he gave me a whole big bar!
isn't he sweet?
thanks for the chocs, cousin.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


how come people can change so fast?
its a fact that will never change
hatred can zapped into love
and love can turn to hatred
true story
I don't really like it when my friends fight among each other
don't pretend to love when you don't
study until you gain success 
I am seriously talking here
all this couple thingy is a huge nuisance to your life, mate
for now,
your priority is to study and make your parents happy
I'm not pointing my finger to anyone
this is just a piece of my mind that I have been keeping to myself for quite some time

your friend,

Monday, December 27, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

my cutest cousins

Naufal Daniel
Shasmin Danim
Shasha Delisha
three of my cutest cousin
they are the son and daughters of my father's lil' bro, Pak Cik Wan
they spent 3 days and two nights at my place
we went to lots of place
rather tiring
but I really enjoy it

me and del 

 abby, you are sooo cute

 adeq, you are as cute as abby!!!

 trio of pretty ladies

Pak Cik Wan & Mak Cik Yati
aren't they sweet?

thank god he isn't too heavy

 abby is very pretty
yeppeo yeppeo

 cute cute cute~~~

the three of them  have really beautiful skin
del, abby n adeq
they are all so cute
please come again to jaybee
I can't wait to see you guys again


Monday, December 20, 2010


わたし は いま あにめ を みて います。
 フィルダウッスさん の ことな だいすき。。。
フィルダウッスさん は とても だいすきです。。。
わたし の こと きらい?
わたし の こと すき? 
わたし は いま とても ばかね。。。
すき と きらい ですか?
わたし は あなた は あいしてる
とても ばか。。。
きみたち は ばか
またあいましょう、 わたし の ラブリ こいびと。。。

dears readers,
do not be bothered by my pointless babbles...
and my japenese is really broken
grammar and vocabulary are both not so good
please ignore those sentences

Ouran High School Host Club

I just finished watching Ouran High School Host Club for the 2nd time
hontouni daisuki
this anime consist of 26 episodes
Tamaki is such a cute dimwit,
Kyouya is super duper cool,
Mori and Honey are so perfect together,
the forbidden brotherly love of the Hitachiin twins,
last but not least,
the natural rookie, FUJIOKA HARUHI!!!

my all time favourite is definitely the Hitachiin twins!!!
this is a great anime to be watched by all layers of age and genders

f(x) minus 1

f(x) minus 1
great name, isn't it?
this my group's name for the class party
we named it after the famous female kpop group, f(x)
the minus 1 came up bcoz we don't have enough member
we RAWK!!!

this is me
the oldest member of the group
I can't remember who I was in the group
either Luna or Krystal
I think I'm Luna ...

this is the second oldest, Yazo
also known as..
the famous rapper, Amber of f(x) minus 1!!!
she wore the same hat gear at the class party
a seriously smart dancer
our cutest and most flexible member
she really resemble Sulli a lot
thats why we picked her as our cute Sulli
I can't find a cuter pic of you
and I'm not so good in editing pictures
you are still cute

our last and youngest member...
... Cimunk!!!
since she's the youngest, I think she will suit Krystal perfectly since,
Krystal is also the maknae of the real f(x)

since I'm no good in editing pics, I'll just attach a few of our pics

this is me and yazo in our party outfit
cute, rite?

shiro-chan,, you should have smiled a little
anyway, that's syeera's outfit
kawaii deshou~~
ufufufu.... me n cimunk
I was really poyo
I had a copy of the video on our dance performance
I'm too shy to attach it HERE!!!
the others look so cool but I...
no words can describe it
I think that's all for tonight
(^.^) v
I really missed the good times we had together


hello hello hello
just wanna tell everyone bout my family's trip to Pavilion this morning
it was my first time there
when we got there,
we went straight to a bakery called,
'The Loaf'
it is a bakery owned by Tun Dr. Mahathir
the buns were really GREAT!!!

my family went for window shopping around the mall
Pavilion is a commoner's finance nightmare
the prices are EXTREMELY expensive!!!
I even saw a shop named Chopard that sells a watch with the price of 1 MILLION!!!
it's a great place for window shopping

Sunday, December 19, 2010

cosplays XD

welcome to the forbidden blog of Mysteria the Mythical Maiden
a special blog
of maidens for maidens by maidens

just kidding

I have some fantastical story to tell 
yesterday, me and my family including two of my cousins went to Berjaya Times Square
I saw so many people in cosplays!!!
I even saw a cosplay of Kakashi, a famous character in Naruto
I saw so many cute cosplays
although I don't recognize most of it
they're still so cute
I secretly snapped a few photos of them
but I can't send those photos to my laptop via bluetooth
bcoz the bluetooth system at the laptop is somehow faulty
maybe some other day I'll show you guys those pics

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

today, I watched Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Treader with my family
we watched it at U Mall

the movie is really cool
I'm a little dissapointed because Peter and Susan didn't join in the adventure
even so,
I really enjoy watching it

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I finished watching another anime entitiled..
the contents is a little bit heavy and confusing actually
it's a pity that Yagami Light-kun snapped at the ending
so many people died in this anime
kinda freaky when I thought 'bout it
L died...
if you wanna watch this anime,
you have to think a lot since the story is about investigation and stuffs like that
37 episodes altogether
my brain is throbbing

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

bloop bloop bloop

I'm feeling rather tired rite now...
me and my sister have a swimming class today
because of some reason,
our tutor, Mr. Benny can't come
my father, my sister and I just have fun at the pool
I practiced my swimming
it's getting better

I'm tired

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama

I finished watching all 26 episodes of Kaichou Wa Maid-sama in just 2 days!!!

this anime's characters are so awesome and cool!!!
I really like Usui-kun and Misa-chan
they both are just so cute together!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aku Tak Bodoh

I watched the malay movie Aku Tak Bodoh
with my family at U Mall today
the movie was funny at first
it got a little bit touching
I cried river of tears when I watched that movie
I really like the character Shamsudin in that movie
he is a really strong person
with a strong bond of friendship and love
I'll give two thumbs up for that movie

Friday, December 10, 2010

just keep swimming, just keep swimming

welcome back to my Splashing Surprise Sweetland!!!
today, I went to the 1st session of my swimming lesson
the pool is really cold
*grinding teeth*
still bestzzz...
lesson starts from 8pm - 9.15pm
I was damned tired after that
swimming really drain my energy
Mr. Benny, our couch, is a very funny man
he is a nice and good teacher
my little sister took the swimming lesson along with me

after class ended, my parents brought me and my sister dinner at Malay Village restaurant
today's my parents' wedding anniversary
Happy Anniversary to mama & ayah
<3 <3 <3 u guys forever!!!
that's that for what happened tonight

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm currently trying to kill my homeworks
really need the most powerful weapon to defeat them
that is,,
self motivation
I lost that weapon in my latest war with history
I'm trying to steal that weapon from others..
anyone kind enough,
please give me some of your self motivations...
a great friend of mine once said,
"If you yourself can't motivate yourself, even the greatest motivator on Earth can't motivate you."
I guess he is right 'bout that
I still can't motivate myself
S.O.S. call from Mimi to everyone

p/s : I'm writing craps again

Friday, December 3, 2010


I can't sleep
my eyelids are being disobedient
they disobeyed my orders
can't sleep...
can't sleep...
5 times is enough to make my heartbeat stop
stop it..
you can say that I'm acting all silly and childish
the fact is, I don't care!!!
just stop it!
my immunity towards ghost pranks are low tonight
I usually just swear when people pranked me
but tonight my defences are getting low
I guess thats why I got all screwed up
pranked four times by the both of you
pranked once by an anonymous guy
can't sleep...
can't sleep...

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I'm feeling very happy right now
bcoz,, I had a really hearty meal just now
when I say hearty,
I really meant it

look, isn't it delicious?
clockwise, from left;
-daging masak dendeng
-acar buah
-kari daging
-ikan selar goreng
-kentang masak tumis
and in the middle is sambal belacan without belacan

compliments to my dad, my mom
not forgotten, me
for the lovely lunch
wanna have a bite?
you are all welcomed to the simple yet cozy home of mine

p/s : I cooked the daging masak dendeng
it is finger licking good

Friday, November 26, 2010

dream come true

finally, my dream of having an mp3 came true...
my parents bought it for me yesterday
it's actually a present for my excellent performance in final year exam
I don't mean to brag
I feel rather proud and happy for myself
I smiled from ear to ear when I got the mp3 yesterday

check out my new mp3!!!
isn't it a beauty~
what made me happier is that my parents also bought a headphone for me...
they said they bought me a headphone bcoz they don't like earphone
don't ask me why..
me my self is still thinking 'bout that issue
the headphone is rather reasonable, RM28
I don't need the expensive headphones
I just need something I can use

a pic of me playing around with my new playing mates
oh my, 
don't look at the background
my bedroom is a mess!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


One two three four!
When your lips touch mine, it tingles tingles
My heart continues to tingle
a~ing, a~ing
So happy
a~ing, a~ing
I'm so sensitive, sensitive
I feel like crying when I can't see you for even a minute
I keep
(cry cry)
missing you
(cry cry)
Sensitive, so sensitive
This love is like an allergy
I used to be so calm
But now I feel tingly and want to cry
You make me go back and forth
You hold me in your hands
Oh, oh, do you think just being cool is enough?
Just being handsome is enough?
I just like you so so much
I'm going crazy crazy
I'm so into, into you
My whole body is electrified right to the bones
Shock shock shock oh~
Oh~ you swallow my heart whole, me, you you you...
Your random jokes bother my heart all night long
I'm curious
a~ing, a~ing
I'm always thinking about it
a~ing, a~ing
Sensitive, so sensitive
This love is like an allergy
I used to be so calm
But now it made me jump
Tingle, dizzy...
Oh, oh, do you think just being cool is enough?
Just being handsome is enough?
I just like you so so much
I'm going crazy crazy
I'm so into, into you
My whole body is electrified right to the bones
Shock shock shock oh~
Oh~ you swallow my heart whole, me, you you you...
 Because of you, I can't move~
My love, you're a man of all men
How, how can you be like that...
Oh, you're so perfect from head to toe
You're the jewel of my life
My life's destiny
For a long long, l-ong time
...just love me, me, me
Me, me, me, me


Monday, November 22, 2010

woot woot

I bid welcome to my Freaky Fairy Frontier of Farah Syamimi
my mood is much much better tonight
had a very good time today...
 got a new cool shirt!!!

at first, my mom wanted to buy it
it doesn't fit her
so, the belladonna becomes mine instead...
I'm absolutely-positively-really-really happy to have it

anyway, I made tonight's dinner
just some simple and easy cucur
I felt really happy about it 
because my family kept on praising my cooking
I totally lurve cooking
cooking cooking
 the making of a masterpiece...
 it's my first time making cucur actually..
but it turned out 89% perfect...
an A!

 frankly, the credit should go to the real chef.. DAD!!!
without his guidance
maybe the kitchen would explode
many thanks, ayah!!!

emo breakdown

Farah Syamimi bt. Mohamed Shuhaimi
is having a emo breakdown
everyone within 1 km radius are ordered to stay put inside your houses
everyone within 1km radius are ordered to stay away from me
I don't want to hit anyone who is dear to me
I would really love to hit
M******* A**** b. M******* S****

get lost!!!

I hate you!!!
do you think I actually freaking care 'bout you?!
go to hell and die!!!
you don't have to be so bloody with me
tell me...
who was the one who had been there for you when you need someone?
I'm not asking for you for anything big
just a simple conversation between old friends
maybe you thought I didn't realize it
fyi, I realize it, ok!!!
everytime I tried to chat with you on FB
you will suddenly go offline
not once
not twice
but every single time!!!
get lost!
both you and your so-called-BELOVED girlfriend!!!
I don't bloody care about you anymore...
with this,,
I welcomed with open arms for ****r to GET LOST!!! from my life

Sunday, November 21, 2010

**** n ....

Sometimes, I feel like choking her to death… 
Sometimes I love her more than my own life… 
But why did she do this to me… 
I know that I am not good in expressing what I truly feel… 
But deep in my heart… 
She is like a little sister to me…
Her laugh… 
Her tears… 
Her shyness…
 Her anger...
All had I seen… 
Am I that bad in saying ‘I miss you’…
‘I need you’… 
‘I care for you’…  

But then… 
When I was feeling confused and angry…
A sweet little girl will come and chill my boiling heart… 
Although she is only a year younger than me… 
She was always by my side when I needed someone to talk to… 
A shoulder to cry on… Her smile was like a refreshing drink after a long run… 
Her words are more matured than her true age… 
What should I do… 
Loving someone???
Or being loved??? 

you know who im talking 'bout, right?
sumpah mentel gilerr

Saturday, November 20, 2010


my mood ain't so good tonight
my head feel like my brain is banging itself against my skull
today went really fine
went for a movie with my sisters and father
watched 'Unstoppable'
really made my heart skip a beat almost every moment
its a good movie

I'm going to KL tomorrow
gonna send my big sis back to UM
maybe she doesn't know this
but deep inside my heart
I really care for her

even how often she scold me
she is still my sis
blood is thicker than water

all this time, I thought I'm the one who've been protecting her
from unworthy guys
but it turns out
she's the one who've been protecting me
she really protects me
to kak yong;
don't worry, I know how to take care of myself
I will protect you too...

her best characteristic is that she don't like to give up
she will struggle for it
even if it is hard like hell
she will cry occasionally when she feel down
but, its only for a short term of time
after that, she will rise back up with new spirits
isn't she?

am I babbling again???

Friday, November 19, 2010

my knight in shining armor

welcome back to the Whirling Wonderland of Weirdos 
hyperbole much??? 
sorry about the weird introduction 
I'm feeling rather high today 
and my hands are so excited, I don't know where to start 

first of all, I would like to introduce 
an adorable friend of mine 
he is a man of a few words..... 
he got got brain! 
he got brawn! 
he is........................................ 
(drum rolling) 
and the crowd goes wild!!! 
its is the qualities inside him that made me so eager to get to know him more 
for everyone's information 
esp. for Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Rizal's information 
I befriend others because I want to 
not because of their looks or their brightness??? 
he is very unique to me 
because he once told me that he don't want to be the head prefect 
even though people are expecting him to be one 
don't people usually are dying for that title 
the funny side of him 
is when he got excited to say something 
he will say it so fast 
that sometimes even I can't catch what he's saying 
like the shinkansen in Japan 
one of his best qualities is that he is a very responsible person 
when he was given a task to be completed, he would do it with full commitment 
he doesn't like to dissapoint others 
 in high and low tides,, 
he will try his best to fulfill others wishes 
ain't I'm right, fir? 
he does have one resemblance with my big sis 
that is... 
he strives for excellence and won't give up easily 
I really look up to this type of people, you know 
I tried to be serious 
but its hard 
playfulness is in my blood 
old habit die hard 
his sister, yasmin told me... 
fir likes to do work 
and don't like to be jobless 
that made him special 
and it also made me change my perspective towards guys 
I often think that guys like to loiter around and do nothing 
to other guys who might be reading this post... 
I'm sorry!!! 
 I don't mean to be prejudice or anything 
I often envy people that have a fit body 
for example; 
I really envy him for his fit body 
I tried to change my unhealthy life style 
but my mood are easily changed 
~like grains of sands being blew away by the wind~ 
I really need to have a firm self initiative 
anyway, I'm wondering if he is good in cooking? 
I will really-truly-incredibly-absolutely admire him if he is good in cooking 
most guys don't 
don't get angry~~ 
somehow, I don't know why I like to write a really long post 
I have so much to say 
but I don't know how to say it in the simplest form 
 one thing for sure... 
I really like befriending a guy who goes with the name 
Ahmad Firdaus b. Ahmad Rizal