Sunday, January 1, 2012

A fresh start

Morning, peeps~
it's a whole new year today
Happy New Year to everyone out there
my new year resolution?
well, sorry to say but it's always the same resolution every year
on top of the list,
I want to try and restrain myself from sleeping in class
(possibility to succeed = 49 to 51)
Finish all of the homework on time
(I've always been the last minute type =3=)
I want to boost myself in both school's curricular and co-curricular activities
Beat Yazo in every aspect
(mwahahahaha 3:D)
Do my duties perfectly.
maybe that's pretty much everything
peeps out there, what's your new year resolutions?
I think this is all for now
Good luck to everyone out there in fulfilling your wishes

owh, so much to be done today