Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Giving up

I did.
But one-sided feelings are bringing this friendship to an end that I never wanted to face.
You don't want to face the music.
I tried persuading you.
You backed out.
I lost my reason to stay.
You decided to go your own way.
I had to go mine then.
One thing will always stay mutual.
And that is my love for you.
As you wish, your problems are gone.
Along with me and my presence.

With this,
I'm sorry....


It is seldom easy to do what's right

Am I picking the right end of the road?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Somewhat, I'm feeling guilty right now. Have I been the only one who is selfish? Is it wrong for me to keep the distance? Should I forget my egoistic side and give up already? Is it wrong for me to blame you?

On the other hand, I've already given up on this friendship. I'm not sure what should I do after this. A side of me want things to be just like old times. But the other side of me said, you'll just use me up to your benefits more and dump me afterwards. Which on is it? Should I blame you for having a sudden change of attitude? 

To be frank, it is you who left me. Or is it me giving up on you too fast? One-sided feelings are never nice, you know. I want to say more but I'm lost for words right now. Till then.

Bad Boy

GD's hair is weird
but, other than that, the song's good
I somehow imagined this song sang by a friend of mine
I should go and read some more manga
toodles, peeps

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A fresh start

Morning, peeps~
it's a whole new year today
Happy New Year to everyone out there
my new year resolution?
well, sorry to say but it's always the same resolution every year
on top of the list,
I want to try and restrain myself from sleeping in class
(possibility to succeed = 49 to 51)
Finish all of the homework on time
(I've always been the last minute type =3=)
I want to boost myself in both school's curricular and co-curricular activities
Beat Yazo in every aspect
(mwahahahaha 3:D)
Do my duties perfectly.
maybe that's pretty much everything
peeps out there, what's your new year resolutions?
I think this is all for now
Good luck to everyone out there in fulfilling your wishes

owh, so much to be done today