Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm currently trying to kill my homeworks
really need the most powerful weapon to defeat them
that is,,
self motivation
I lost that weapon in my latest war with history
I'm trying to steal that weapon from others..
anyone kind enough,
please give me some of your self motivations...
a great friend of mine once said,
"If you yourself can't motivate yourself, even the greatest motivator on Earth can't motivate you."
I guess he is right 'bout that
I still can't motivate myself
S.O.S. call from Mimi to everyone

p/s : I'm writing craps again

1 comment:

  1. No!! Keep tryin'..! Semua weapon2 yang nk musnahkan h/w tu buang.., and nikmati la milo separa ais,, pasti akan ada tenaga untuk buat h/w. tp kn klu nak buat ada SEMANGAT utk buat h/w, little bit easy.. sng jee.. ^.^ fikirkan wajah cikgu yang bg h/w tu dn byg kn kalau dia mrh kalau awk x siap kn h/w. sure siap punyee... XD (itu yg sye buat)