Tuesday, November 22, 2011

helpless soul

Looks like the owner to a certain blog named Stall-Ke is a complete rubbish at stating his own piece of mind. The latest post from this person is apparently about how trashy SBPians are. I've been to day school and I know how their minds work. Some pics do not prove that we, SBPians are a waste of governments money. Have you ever carry the trust and responsibilities entrusted by the government, nation and family on your shoulder? You are just a helpless soul trying to grab some trashy attentions. What good do you obtain anyway? Do you have no friend? Don't you go to schools? Just because of jealousy, you are making fun of yourself. Get a life, seriously.

owh, for everyone else, please kindly block this rubbish blog;


  1. ugh, seriously, panas betul baca post2 dia. ikutkan hati, huh. sabo je. nasib baik kakak x komen kt blog dia. huh.

  2. siottt giler, kn? eh, dh tgk latest post dye? lgi siottt dr b4 this