Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Actually, I have no idea on what should I say now.
To make this clear, 2011 had been a blast with my dearest Qunitessence by my side.
I really wish I do not have to leave my life as a Form 3.
But then, life must go on.
As I go on, all those memories will I us as my pillar of strength to keep on standing.
It had been a challenging year too.
For both you guys and me myself.
2012 is a no no honeymoon year for us, okay?
(I should say that to myself ==')
The year ahead will be full of challenges.
Gotta brace myself for the year which many people direct to either the good or bad path.
I really want everyone to stay united and face all these together without any cat fights.
Any misunderstandings that happened, let it all pass by.
I'm tired of misunderstandings.
It's really bothersome actually.
Whatever it is, let us stick together.

2011 left a scar in my heart
and I do not wish to keep it permanent

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