Saturday, November 20, 2010


my mood ain't so good tonight
my head feel like my brain is banging itself against my skull
today went really fine
went for a movie with my sisters and father
watched 'Unstoppable'
really made my heart skip a beat almost every moment
its a good movie

I'm going to KL tomorrow
gonna send my big sis back to UM
maybe she doesn't know this
but deep inside my heart
I really care for her

even how often she scold me
she is still my sis
blood is thicker than water

all this time, I thought I'm the one who've been protecting her
from unworthy guys
but it turns out
she's the one who've been protecting me
she really protects me
to kak yong;
don't worry, I know how to take care of myself
I will protect you too...

her best characteristic is that she don't like to give up
she will struggle for it
even if it is hard like hell
she will cry occasionally when she feel down
but, its only for a short term of time
after that, she will rise back up with new spirits
isn't she?

am I babbling again???