Friday, November 26, 2010

dream come true

finally, my dream of having an mp3 came true...
my parents bought it for me yesterday
it's actually a present for my excellent performance in final year exam
I don't mean to brag
I feel rather proud and happy for myself
I smiled from ear to ear when I got the mp3 yesterday

check out my new mp3!!!
isn't it a beauty~
what made me happier is that my parents also bought a headphone for me...
they said they bought me a headphone bcoz they don't like earphone
don't ask me why..
me my self is still thinking 'bout that issue
the headphone is rather reasonable, RM28
I don't need the expensive headphones
I just need something I can use

a pic of me playing around with my new playing mates
oh my, 
don't look at the background
my bedroom is a mess!


  1. hahaha...langkah mayat aq dulu.. XD

  2. Best nyee... XD nk try gak... nmpk cantik jerr... =D tahniah sbb dpt 'Dream Come True'.. sye bg amaran, jgn bg FathSyzn lihat... ^.~