Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I really love my so called big brother
she's actually a girl to be truthful
its just a silly game that we play...
and of course, I'm the cute little dongsaeng~~
she really understands me more than anyone else do

isn't she cute with that poyo expression?

she was even cuter when she was sleeping..
hyung-nim, forgive me for putting your sleeping face on my blog but I can't help it
anyway, I really want to have an mp3

you're on candid camera!
stop playing around hyung-nim
its time to get serious

such hardworking student we have here
on a cold Saturday night
away from the warmth of a fireplace
faithfully reading a book...
comic is also considered as book, right?

you're my hunny bunny~~
this photo was taken on the last day of school
the last day of 2 Setiawarts...
2 Setiawarts will always be inside my heart!
<3 <3 <3

I think this is enough babbling for 1 night
there a lot more to be said tomorrow
for now, I need my beauty sleep

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