Wednesday, November 17, 2010

cute + serious = ???

welcome to the mental life of Farah Syamimi
proceed if you think you can bear it
what say I talk about today?
well then, I have this one friend
she is the one of a kind type of friend
what I like so much 'bout her?
well....she is not the type of person who is easily influenced
she will stick to her principe till the end
she never judge people based on their outer appearence
I really admire her for that

syeera has a talent that I'm really envious off
she is a damn good artiste!!!
she can transform a few strokes into a hell good looking picture!!!
but I really like befriending her...
<3 <3 <3

this photo is taken on 31/10/2010
the class party of 2 Setiawarts ; class of witchcraft and wizardry
I really like her look when she is feeling very happy
because her eyes will curve into a pair of crescent......
like this

sometimes, I'm scared to see  her face looking so serious 
when she's reading a really enjoyable book
she is a very serious student when it comes to study
but the best part is when....

.... she suddenly transform into a high person
her expression is priceless, beb!!!
I can only see this expression on rare occasions
but it made her even special!!!

she don't really know how to pose in front of the camera
but her smile is unique and cute
she have a small and thin lips
so, she looks really cute when she smiled
it makes me feel like pulling and squishing her face

in any,every and each way, she is a REALLY special friend to me
can't imagine life without her
so, the answer to my equation is
cute + serious = SYEERA!!!

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