Thursday, November 18, 2010

can anyone describe me in a word?

I feel like telling my dear and loyal readers more about myself
I am a lady of a few words

Name : Farah Syamimi bt. Mohamed Shuhaimi
Age : 14 years old
D.O.B. : 10/04/1996
P.O.B. : Hospital Besar, Teluk Intan, Perak
Astrological sign : Aries
Hobby : Reading, dancing, writing
Ambition : I don't know o.O
a kodi biodata much???

frankly speaking, I'm blurred and blank tonight
all I can say about myself is
I'm no good in judging myself
so, let others judge me
my favourite motto;
'Not everybody likes you and not everybody hates you'
my father taught me that quote

do anyone know how to rotate this pic?
I tried lots of time
even before I upload it into this blog
but it just won't go right
sorry for making your heads rotate 90 degree

anyway, I really love this pic
it was taken on...
I don't remember the date
all I remember was that I was going to finish my final year exam on the following week
hanged out at the classroom with my hyung-nim
(shouldn't I be studying at that time?)

this lovely picture of mine was taken in front of Universal Studio of Singapore
I damn enjoyed my trip there
it was my first time going oversea
not bad...
2 hours from STF
but I really wished that we had more time there
didn't get to fully enjoy my trip at Universal Studios 
bcoz it rained

the most memorable day in my life as a form 2 student!!!
best class party ever!!!
I looked really cute in a black and white clothing
standing next to Viktor Krum a.k.a. my hyung-nim a.k.a. Yazo

(from right) me, Kiko
it was the friendly match of STF vs. ACE
ACE = our beloved alumni
this picture was caught bcoz we were bored
it was raining heavily at that time + lightning
we can't really play in the rain
so, we waited (really long) for the rain to stop
and we definitely can't play if there's lightning ==''
our bat is a good conductor of electric
so, we don't want anyone's hair to stand on end, do we???
I seriosly don't know how people can stand with
all my no-point-of-talking posts
even so...
thanks for reading my super-duper-ultra-great-humongous-infinite boring blog

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