Friday, November 19, 2010

my knight in shining armor

welcome back to the Whirling Wonderland of Weirdos 
hyperbole much??? 
sorry about the weird introduction 
I'm feeling rather high today 
and my hands are so excited, I don't know where to start 

first of all, I would like to introduce 
an adorable friend of mine 
he is a man of a few words..... 
he got got brain! 
he got brawn! 
he is........................................ 
(drum rolling) 
and the crowd goes wild!!! 
its is the qualities inside him that made me so eager to get to know him more 
for everyone's information 
esp. for Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Rizal's information 
I befriend others because I want to 
not because of their looks or their brightness??? 
he is very unique to me 
because he once told me that he don't want to be the head prefect 
even though people are expecting him to be one 
don't people usually are dying for that title 
the funny side of him 
is when he got excited to say something 
he will say it so fast 
that sometimes even I can't catch what he's saying 
like the shinkansen in Japan 
one of his best qualities is that he is a very responsible person 
when he was given a task to be completed, he would do it with full commitment 
he doesn't like to dissapoint others 
 in high and low tides,, 
he will try his best to fulfill others wishes 
ain't I'm right, fir? 
he does have one resemblance with my big sis 
that is... 
he strives for excellence and won't give up easily 
I really look up to this type of people, you know 
I tried to be serious 
but its hard 
playfulness is in my blood 
old habit die hard 
his sister, yasmin told me... 
fir likes to do work 
and don't like to be jobless 
that made him special 
and it also made me change my perspective towards guys 
I often think that guys like to loiter around and do nothing 
to other guys who might be reading this post... 
I'm sorry!!! 
 I don't mean to be prejudice or anything 
I often envy people that have a fit body 
for example; 
I really envy him for his fit body 
I tried to change my unhealthy life style 
but my mood are easily changed 
~like grains of sands being blew away by the wind~ 
I really need to have a firm self initiative 
anyway, I'm wondering if he is good in cooking? 
I will really-truly-incredibly-absolutely admire him if he is good in cooking 
most guys don't 
don't get angry~~ 
somehow, I don't know why I like to write a really long post 
I have so much to say 
but I don't know how to say it in the simplest form 
 one thing for sure... 
I really like befriending a guy who goes with the name 
Ahmad Firdaus b. Ahmad Rizal 


  1. kecik2 da gatal! aha. report ayah mama,wekkk

  2. lol... pdhl dye kwn biase jew... =,="